GIS Analyst
Elise Rosengren

Elise Rosengren joined EWG in 2020 with more than 20 years’ experience using geographic information science in her research. She has worked in civil service and in the environmental space, including several Minnesota state agencies and the University of Minnesota’s departments of plant pathology and entomology. Elise’s research uses spatiotemporal GIS applications to further her mission of environmental equity throughout the U.S. Elise has a Master of Geographic Information Science and Bachelor of Science in recreation management, both from the University of Minnesota.

Director of Spatial Analysis
Soren Rundquist

Soren grew up in northwest Iowa. After graduating from the University of Iowa, he worked various positions with U.S. Geological Survey, the U.S. National Park Service and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. He began using geographic information system technology in the National Park Service and did graduate work in this field at Penn State University. He later became a project analyst in the Finance and Markets Division of Thomson Reuters, using GIS data to assess risks in the agriculture and forestry sector. At EWG, Soren uses GIS and remote sensing data better to understand how agricultural landscapes interact with environmental issues throughout the Midwest. Soren enjoys watching college football and spending time with his family.

Senior Analyst, Economics
Anne Schechinger

Born outside Ann Arbor, Mich., Anne earned a B.A. in economics at Kalamazoo College while conducting research on the economics of natural resource valuation. While pursuing her Master of Science in Agricultural, Food and Resource Economics at Michigan State University, she studied the commercial feasibility of growing environmentally sustainable crops. At EWG, she explores agriculture’s impact on the environment and how we can change government policies to reduce agriculture pollution. After recently moving from Iowa to Minnesota with EWG, Anne likes to hike in the Twin Cities’ regional parks and kayak Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes. As a fervent animal lover, she enjoys exploring nearby dog parks with her Vizsla.

Senior Energy Policy Advisor
Grant Smith

Grant began his career in consumer advocacy and environmental protection in the early 1980s at the Citizens Action Coalition of Indiana. After graduate school, he returned to CAC as environmental coordinator, concentrating on industrial toxics and agricultural issues. Later, he was the group’s energy director and he eventually became executive director. During his 30-year tenure at CAC, Grant assumed many roles: lobbying, researching and writing, drafting legislation, organizing on local and state issues, fundraising, serving as a spokesperson for the organization, and managing staff.  Upon leaving CAC in 2011, Grant worked for the Civil Society Institute in Newton, Mass., where he lent his expertise on issues related to the electric power sector. He joined EWG in 2017. 

Senior Scientist
Tasha Stoiber Ph.D.

Tasha, a native Minnesotan, puts her science background to work protecting human health and the environment. She holds dual bachelor’s degrees in biological sciences and environmental engineering from Michigan Technological University. She worked as an environmental engineer for three years before returning to graduate school at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she earned a Ph.D. in environmental chemistry & technology. Following graduation, Tasha moved to the San Francisco bay Area for a post-doctoral position studying the ecotoxicology of nanoparticles at the University of California-Davis and the U.S. Geological Survey in Menlo Park.. She is the author of six peer-reviewed journal publications and joined EWG’s Oakland office in 2014. Tasha says growing up in the Northwoods shaped her character and inspired her sense of environmental stewardship. She definitely enjoys the California sunshine but has recurring dreams of shoveling snow.

Healthy Living Science Analyst
Sydney Swanson

Born and raised in San Diego, Sydney wanted a college as close to the beach as possible and attended the University of California, Los Angeles. At UCLA, she received her B.S. in psychobiology with a focus in conservation biology and was involved with numerous on and off campus organizations. During her academic career, she worked as a research assistant in both the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Research Lab and the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. 


After graduating, Sydney moved to Washington, D.C, and become an official East Coaster. She is extremely passionate about both human health and the environment, and was drawn to EWG because of its mission to encourage people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment. Sydney is stoked to be a part of EWG’s research team and assist on its consumer guides and databases. When not at work, you can find her spending time outdoors, soaking up all the sun she can before hibernating for the non-California winter. Sydney is a fan of scuba diving, collecting vinyl records, binge watching Harry Potter, and obsessing over all animals, especially llamas.

Alexis Temkin, Ph.D.

Originally from Chappaqua, N.Y., Alexis recently moved to Washington, D.C., to join the investigative science team at Environmental Working Group. She earned her bachelor’s degree in biological sciences from Connecticut College in 2010. Alexis began her research career at Columbia University Medical Center, working as a lab technician studying the molecular mechanisms responsible for environmental influence on gene regulation. She then moved to beautiful Charleston, S.C., to attend the Medical University of South Carolina, where she earned a Ph.D. in marine biomedicine and environmental sciences. She studied how exposure to environmental chemicals during development can influence adult disease, specifically obesity and metabolic syndrome. In her spare time, you can probably find Lexi in a yoga studio, exploring the closest outdoor park, attending a dance performance or cooking vegetables.

Environmental Health Science Fellow
Uloma Uche, Ph.D

Uloma joined EWG’s Science Investigation team as an Environmental Health Fellow in 2020, with a focus on non-ionizing electromagnetic frequency research. She has a doctorate in public health, with a concentration in environmental and occupational health sciences, from the University of North Texas Health Science Center. Her dissertation focused on the association between environmental factors and childhood obesity, and her work has been published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Environmental Research. Uloma enjoys spending time with family, exploring new cuisines and going for walks. She lives in Arlington, Va., with her husband and two children.​

Social Media Manager
Isang Udokwere

Isang is a D.C.-area native with a diverse creative background. After spending some time in New York working in the music industry, he returned to the Washington area to work on social media for, then ventured on to some notable brand strategy firms and “Silicon Hill” start-ups. He is a firm believer in the idea that the world is having a perpetual digital conversation, and that social media is the only way for organizations to participate. When he isn’t creating social media content for EWG, you can likely find Isang at a concert, modern art museum or in a recording studio. 

VP and Editor in Chief
Bill Walker

Bill has more than three decades’ experience as a journalist and activist. He began his career on a small weekly in his home state of Texas and advanced to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, where he wrote news and features from across the South. He moved to The Denver Post, roaming the vast reaches of the Rocky Mountain West, then to The Sacramento Bee as national and international correspondent.

His travels exposed him to fragile places under assault from industrial development and communities suffering from corporate exploitation. Determined to fight injustice rather than just write about it, he joined the environmental movement as a press officer for Greenpeace. He coordinated news coverage for dozens of the organization's signature direct actions and headed Greenpeace's national media department before becoming communications director for the California League of Conservation Voters.

In 1996 he opened EWG’s California office, building a team that generated headline-making reports on toxic chemicals, pesticides, water subsidies and more. After 12 years as EWG’s Vice President/West Coast, he opened a consulting practice working with The Story of Stuff, The Breast Cancer Fund, Friends of the Earth and many other groups. In 2015 he rejoined EWG, where he works with scientists and researchers to develop, write and edit reports.  

Bill lives in Berkeley and is raising three teenagers to question authority except when he tells them to clean their rooms. 

VP, Digital Strategies
Maura E. Walsh

Maura Walsh is a digital communications expert with 15 years of experience in direct email marketing, content marketing, fundraising and advocacy. She oversees EWG’s digital program, including its websites, grassroots fundraising and advocacy work.

Prior to joining EWG, she was a Senior Vice President at Anne Lewis Strategies, where she worked with clients such as the United Service Organization, EWG, The Clinton Foundation, The Chesapeake Bay Foundation and WETA to design and execute record-setting online marketing and fundraising programs. Maura is responsible for developing best-of-breed strategies that are now widely used by nonprofit and political organizations to drive their fundraising and advocacy, including the contribution up-sell and the “$5 ask.” During her tenure, she helped the firm’s clients raise more than $240 million online and convert millions of activists across a wide spectrum of causes.

Prior to joining Anne Lewis Strategies in January 2007, Maura was the director of account management for Plus Three, a technology company that provides website, email and fundraising technologies for nonprofit and political clients.

Maura also served as an Internet strategist for APCO Worldwide, a public affairs and public relations company, and as a senior account manager for Bigfoot Interactive (now Epsilon Interactive), a leading email marketing agency, where she managed direct email campaigns for the company’s top accounts including Capital One, H&R Block and MTV.

Digital Journalist
Emily Wathen

A graduate of Syracuse University and the Maryland Institute College of Art, Emily has a background in film production, photography and transmedia. Emily co-produced the documentary feature, PROJECT: ICE, a film that examines changing ice levels on the Great Lakes. Her work has been featured at the Environmental Film Festival in Washington, D.C., the Canada International Film Festival, Freep Film Festival, and others. Emily previously worked with the communications teams at the Center for American Progress and EarthShare and has independently produced multimedia projects for organizations including Johns Hopkins, USAID, and the National Democratic Institute. Emily creates original video and digital media for EWG and is based in the Washington, D.C. office.