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EPA sets bold new limits on ‘forever chemicals’ in drinking water

Today the Environmental Protection Agency finalized unprecedented new limits on the toxic “forever chemicals” known as PFAS as a way to tackle drinking water contamination. The proposal targets six...

Biden administration to cut use of ‘forever chemicals’ in federal buildings

The Environmental Protection Agency and the General Services Administration announced today that federal contractors will be required to use cleaning products free of PFAS, known as “forever chemicals...

California bill seeks to keep school children safe from harmful food dyes

On April 3, the California Committee on Education voted to advance a bill to ban six harmful food dyes and titanium dioxide from food provided in California’s public schools. Assembly Bill 2316, by...

EWG sponsors bill to ban use in California of toxic weedkiller linked to Parkinson’s disease

The Environmental Working Group is sponsoring legislation in the state Assembly that would ban the use of the highly toxic herbicide paraquat in California.

Anemic EPA announcement warning farmworkers of health risks of pesticide DCPA doesn’t go far enough

Today the Environmental Protection Agency publicly warned farmworkers of the “serious, permanent, and irreversible health risks” posed by the pesticide DCPA – in what is likely a final step before the...

California lawmakers introduce bills to protect children from lead exposure

Two bills introduced this legislative session aim to safeguard children’s health from the lasting and devastating effects of lead exposure through drinking water, an urgent threat in the state.

Toxic weedkiller linked to Parkinson’s poses disproportionate risk to Latino farmworkers, families in California

A groundbreaking analysis by the Environmental Working Group sheds light on a concerning disparity in exposure to the toxic weedkiller paraquat, with rural Latino communities in California’s farm...

EWG’s 2024 Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce™: The Dirty Dozen™ is packed with fungicides that can disrupt human hormones

Non-organic produce is loaded with fungicides that may harm human hormone systems, according to the Environmental Working Group’s 2024 Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce™, released today.

Over 240 California community organizations unite against proposed utility tax raising electricity bills for millions of working families

SACRAMENTO – Across California, more than 240 community organizations and leaders are joining together in the Stop the Big Utility Tax coalition to fight a proposal that would hike electricity bills...

Two Pennsylvania bills target toxic chemicals in food

On March 19, a bipartisan group of Pennsylvania lawmakers introduced two bills to ban a total of nine toxic chemicals, including color additives, from food made, distributed or sold in the state.

Biden EPA finalizes ban on commercial uses, import of chrysotile asbestos

The Environmental Protection Agency today announced a final rule to ban use of the only known form of asbestos imported into the U.S. – a vital action to shield consumers from the toxic substance one...

Cancer-causing benzene found in some popular acne products

Valisure, an independent laboratory, has detected cancer-causing benzene in tests of acne treatments made with benzoyl peroxide. As a result, the company petitioned the Food and Drug Administration to...

New House bill targets harmful additives in meat and dairy products

The Environmental Working Group applauds today’s introduction of House legislation that would require the Department of Agriculture to reassess seven potentially harmful food chemicals used in meat...

Two new bills target toxic food chemicals in New York

On March 5, lawmakers introduced two bills that would protect New Yorkers from toxic food chemicals. Between them, they would ban seven substances from food manufactured, distributed or sold in the...

EWG statement on FDA’s list of food chemicals to review

Today the Food and Drug Administration announced an updated list of food chemicals under review of their safety.

State-led momentum: FDA follows suit in getting PFAS out of food contact papers

Today, the Food and Drug Administration announced that the “forever chemicals” known as PFAS will no longer be sold for use to treat food contact papers and paper board. It’s the culmination of...

New USDA ‘climate-smart’ list includes many conservation practices with likely no climate benefits

The Agriculture Department recently added farming practices that likely do not reduce greenhouse gas emissions to its “climate-smart” conservation list, misrepresenting the agricultural sector’s...

300+ solar workers and supporters rally in support of solar energy and urge Sacramento to keep California a solar state

SACRAMENTO – Solar workers traveled to the state Capital on Wednesday to rally in support of solar energy, calling on lawmakers to keep California a solar state.

California lawmaker introduces bill to end non-essential uses of toxic ‘forever chemicals’

On Wednesday, California Sen. Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley) introduced Senate Bill 903, which would ban the sale and use of products containing the “forever chemicals” known as PFAS, unless their use is...

PG&E profits soar, fueled by struggling ratepayers’ sky-high bills

Reviled utility Pacific Gas & Electric reported a staggering surge in profits of almost 25 percent for 2023 to an outrageous $2.24 billion, at the expense of captive Californians who were forced to...
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