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Fight to save rooftop solar in California heads to state Supreme Court

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The fight to save California’s rooftop solar program now heads to the state Supreme Court, after it issued a rare decision to hear the appeal of a case that will determine the...

What they’re saying about the EPA’s regulation of ‘forever chemicals’ in drinking water

Here are excerpts from the statements of environmental, health and community advocacy leaders and organizations about the EPA announcement, which marks historic progress addressing PFAS.

What do the new federal PFAS drinking water standards mean?

More than 5,000 sites across the U.S. are polluted with the toxic “forever chemicals” known as PFAS, creating an urgent national health and environmental crisis.

Interactive map: Tracking food chemical regulation in the U.S.

Thousands of chemicals are allowed for use in food sold in this country. And while most of these are likely safe to eat, some have been linked to serious health harms.

Get toxic dust out of your home this spring

Dust lurks in the corners of your home, underneath furniture and on the shelves. And where there’s dust, there’s the potential for toxic chemicals.

Clock ticking to fight foolish EPA analysis allowing toxic weedkiller paraquat

It seems like an April Fools’ Day joke – the Environmental Protection Agency is defending its analysis permitting the use of the weedkiller paraquat, despite its links to Parkinson’s disease. With...

What is food dye?

From popsicles to pistachios and from meat to mac and cheese, synthetic food dyes are everywhere. Their vibrant colors make food appealing and increase our appetite.

At ‘forever chemicals’ event, EWG scientists advance debate on cancer risk, tap water

Three EWG scientists partnered with university researchers at a major conference to discuss the toxic “forever chemicals” known as PFAS, including the link between PFAS and cancer and how to filter...

Behind the science: How EWG found the pesticide chlormequat in most people tested

EWG recently revealed that the dangerous agricultural chemical chlormequat was found in four out of five people we tested.

Colorful conundrum: Concerning food dyes in jelly beans

Spring has sprung, and so have store shelves with seasonal sweets. But don’t let the allure of their bright colors fool you – these treats come with health hazards that aren’t so sweet, prompting an...

Why does EWG release its Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce™ each year?

With its Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce™, released almost every year since 2004, EWG’s goal is to educate the public about pesticides on popular fruits and vegetables, so consumers can make...

New study links microplastics to serious health harms in humans

A recent study suggests the presence of microplastics may increase the risk of heart attack or other cardiovascular problems among people with heart disease. The tiny plastics were found to double the...

Safer sprayers: Options for spring cleaning

It’s official: spring is right around the corner. With the warmer weather and the season’s holidays approaching, people everywhere are dusting window sills, wiping counters and spraying bathrooms. But...

‘Forever chemicals’ at landfills threaten environmental justice communities

Many of the 11,000-plus active and closed landfills in the U.S. could be contaminated with the “forever chemicals” known as PFAS, creating increased health risks for the low-income communities and...

Five fatal flaws in EPA’s justification for using toxic weedkiller paraquat

More than 60 countries have banned the weedkiller paraquat because of its links to Parkinson’s disease. But the Environmental Protection Agency continues to defend its use in the U.S., based on a...

It’s time to ban toxic artificial coloring in school food

It’s good news that California will soon consider legislation to ban toxic artificial colors in the food offered in public schools.

House bill would force the USDA to take a new look at chemicals in meat

With two federal agencies involved in reviewing the safety of food chemicals in meat, poultry and egg products, it would be easy to assume those foods are doubly safe – that no potentially harmful...

Skinimalism: Multi-use products to simplify your routines

Feeling overwhelmed by your 10-step skincare routine and tired of shelling out money on personal-care or home products, each designed for a separate use? You’re not alone. In 2024, beauty...

What is GRAS?

Food and chemical companies are permitted to approve the use of new potentially harmful additives and other substances in snacks, drinks and more without the Food and Drug Administration’s review and...

PFAS and Developmental and Reproductive Toxicity: An EWG Fact Sheet

The toxic fluorinated per-and polyfluoroalkyl chemicals known as PFAS are a class of thousands of environmentally persistent synthetic chemicals that have been used since the 1940s. They are added as...
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