Farm subsidies overwhelmingly flow to the largest, most successful farms producing a handful of crops. EWG uses data to expose failures in our farm safety net and support reforms that level the playing field for family farmers.

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EWG’s Future of Farm Subsidies Summit

EWG hosted a first-ever Summit on the future of farm subsidies featuring key experts, including leaders from the Heritage Foundation and other conservative voices. The Summit also featured experts from other organizations, including farm groups, and featured a panel of congressional staff who work for leading subsidy reform advocates in Congress.

This event was held at 10am EST on 
Tuesday, September 05, 2023

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Event Speakers
& Special Guests

Earl Blumenauer Earl Blumenauer Congressman
Ken Cook Ken Cook Environmental Working Group
David Ditch David Ditch Heritage Foundation
Chris Edwards Chris Edwards CATO Institute
Scott Faber Scott Faber Environmental Working Group
Suzy Friedman Suzy Friedman World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
Billy Hackett Billy Hackett National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition
Bev Paul Bev Paul Plant Based Foods Association
Bryan Riley Bryan Riley National Taxpayers Union
Anne Schechinger Anne Schechinger Environmental Working Group
Josh Sewell Josh Sewell Taxpayers for Common Sense
Jerry Theodorou Jerry Theodorou R Street
Increasing price guarantees primarily benefits Southern states, analysis shows

Proposals by some farm groups and legislators to increase price guarantees for covered commodities in the upcoming farm bill would overwhelmingly help farmers in certain Congressional districts.

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