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The Pollution in People

More than 1,400 chemicals and chemical groups are known or likely carcinogens. Through industrial applications, consumer products and food, water and air, Americans are exposed daily to these cancer...

The "Farm Crisis" Myth

There's a lot of doom and gloom in the air about the state of the farm economy. As commodity prices continue to fall from the historic highs of the last few years, advocates for the agriculture...

Crying Wolf

The congressional budget deal signed by President Obama in early November includes a cost-saving measure that trims the profits taxpayers guarantee the crop insurance industry. The guaranteed rate of...

Crop Insurance

The federal crop insurance program has come under attack for its increasing cost, environmental impacts and secrecy. But the farm lobby, the crop insurance industry and their political patrons...

Potassium Bromate

Few foods evoke an image of wholesomeness like fresh-baked bread. But the flour used in many commercial baked goods may include an additive that's been linked to cancer.

EWG Exposes Hidden Trans Fat

Did you know that artificial trans fat is an artery-clogging synthetic blamed for 20,000 heart attacks and 7,000 deaths yearly? Even worse, did you know that you could be eating it without even...

Hidden In Plain Sight

A new EWG analysis estimates that at least 27 percent of more than 84,000 foods in EWG's interactive Food Scores database, contain artificial trans fat, a manmade, artery-clogging, industrially...
Expert Spotlight

Chemical companies provide quarterly reports on production and sales figures to shareholders. Why shouldn’t the public and EPA receive similar reports every year about commonly used chemicals, some of which could pose a serious health risk?”

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