Nneka Leiba
Vice President, Healthy Living Science
Washington, D.C.

Areas of Expertise

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  • Food
  • Healthy Living
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  • Sunscreens

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  • M.P.H., Johns Hopkins University
  • M.Phil., Zoology, University of the West Indies
  • B.S., Environmental Biology, University of the West Indies


Nneka Leiba leads EWG’s Healthy Living Science team, translating complicated scientific topics, particularly those dealing with the effects of everyday chemical exposures on our health, into easily accessible tips and advice. She is an expert in a wide range of issues, including drinking water quality and the safety of ingredients in cosmetics and other consumer products.


In the News

“The chemical can get into our bodies more readily, and more of it. They are concerned, as are we, at that systemic absorption.”
- Nneka Leiba
June 10, 2019
"Zinc oxide is definitely the gold standard. Zinc oxide provides great broad-spectrum protection that protects against both UVA and UVB rays. Many people don't realize the SPF of sunscreens applies only to the UVB rays that cause sunburn. But the UVA rays also damage and age the skin.”
- Nneka Leiba
May 9, 2019
“Today, around a dozen emails arrive daily in an EWG inbox especially dedicated to company correspondence. Companies have told us that if they don’t score well, it will affect their bottom line.”
- Nneka Leiba
December 12, 2018
“The average American woman uses 12 beauty products a day and an average of 168 ingredients, which can make for a weird chemical soup on your skin. On top of that, many of those have never been adequately assessed for safety.”
- Nneka Leiba
March 20, 2018
“The fact that the agencies don’t test each produce item every year is problematic. And more importantly, the fact that the USDA and FDA aren’t testing for all the pesticides used in fruits and vegetables is a huge problem.”
- Nneka Leiba
March 20, 2019
“Sunscreens with oxybenzone should be avoided. Don't shun sunscreens in general. But lean toward using the mineral products available.”
- Nneka Leiba
May 8, 2019
“Under the current law, companies don’t have to prove that their ingredients or products are safe before they go on store shelves. The FDA has no authority to issue recalls or to force companies to issue recalls.”
- Nneka Leiba
June 7, 2019
“It can be hard to make a lifestyle change, but for almost every category of hair care, there are safer choices for black women. Look at all the products you are using and see how you can reduce your overall chemical load. As a consumer, it is important to vote with your wallet and push companies to develop safer options.”
- Nneka Leiba
September 07, 2018

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