Anne Weir Schechinger
Senior Analyst, Economics

Areas of Expertise

  • Agricultural pollution
  • Algae blooms
  • Crop insurance
  • Farm subsidies
  • Trump’s farmer bailout (Market Facilitation Program)

Press Contact

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  • M.S., Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics, Michigan State University
  • B.A., Economics, Kalamazoo College


Anne Weir Schechinger explores agriculture’s impact on the environment and analyzes how government policies can reduce agricultural pollution. As an undergraduate, Schechinger researched the economics of natural resource valuation. In graduate school, she studied the commercial feasibility of growing environmentally sustainable crops.


In the News

“It’s the farmers polluting the most who are the least likely to adopt those methods.”
- Anne Weir Schechinger
December 7, 2017
“We believe climate change is really having a huge impact on the occurrence and growth of these blooms. We know the incidence of blooms is just going to keep going up and up.”
- Anne Weir Schechinger
September 19, 2019
“The majority of algae blooms are caused by agricultural pollution, and farmers aren’t held accountable for the pollution they put into the water.”
- Anne Weir Schechinger
May 15, 2018
"That's why we want to make sure our audience has more [information] resources so they can protect themselves if the EPA isn't going to."
- Anne Weir Schechinger
February 20, 2019
“USDA really hasn’t done anything to stop the tide of farm pollution from running off.”
- Anne Weir Schechinger
April 24, 2019
“That’s a very small number of farmers getting most of the aid. We don’t think it’s an equitable distribution of funding.”
- Anne Weir Schechinger
July 22, 2019
“We’ve found in our research that most people don’t realize that algae blooms are a nationwide problem.”
- Anne Weir Schechinger
June 11, 2019
“These rural communities are often surrounded by farmland, and so they have a much higher concentration of farm runoff getting into their drinking water system.”
- Anne Weir Schechinger
October 2, 2018
“No one should be drinking unsafe water because they can’t afford to fix the problem.”
- Anne Weir Schechinger
April 24, 2019
“Instead of helping small farmers that have been hurt by the Trump administration’s trade war ... (the USDA) is wantonly distributing billions of taxpayer dollars to the largest and wealthiest farms."
- Anne Weir Schechinger
November 25, 2019

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