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Areas of Focus

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Environmental Racism: A Public Health Crisis

Last month, after a year-long investigation, former Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder and eight other officials were charged for their roles in the Flint water crisis – the environmental disaster that shocked...

Industrial Animal Agriculture Poses Serious Threats to Human Health

For people who live near industrial animal feedlots, the stench, flies and day-and-night rumbling of trucks are more than a nuisance that impairs the use and enjoyment of their own property...

Lakes With Algae Outbreaks May Also Be Tainted With E. Coli

Toxic algae outbreaks – slimy, smelly blooms of microorganisms, triggered by polluted farm runoff into lakes and rivers – can cause nausea, vomiting and more serious, longer-term health impacts, such...

7 Reasons Your Family May Want To Become Vegetarian

You've likely heard that eating meat and poultry isn't good for your health or the planet. Recent news from Washington may make meat even less palatable: Pork inspections may be taken over by the...

The Huge Cost of Toxic Algae Contamination

The city of Toledo, Ohio, is spending an astounding $54 million on a new treatment facility to remove contaminants, including toxins produced by algae blooms, from its drinking water.

What Parents Need To Know About Animal Factory Farms

You probably care a lot about how your fruits and vegetables are grown. You may not think as much about where your family's animal protein comes from, but the conditions in which most meat, poultry...

Waterkeeper Alliance and EWG Investigation Finds Hurricane Florence Flooded Poultry Operations Housing 1.8 Million Birds

The heavy rains and high waters after Hurricane Florence flooded 35 industrial poultry operations in North Carolina housing an estimated 1.8 million birds, according to a new investigation by...

Duke University Study: N.C. Residents Living Near Large Hog Farms Have Elevated Disease, Death Risks

Residents of communities near industrial-scale hog farms in North Carolina face an increased risk of potentially deadly diseases, Duke University scientists reported in a study released this week.

As Okla. Attorney General, EPA Nominee Did Nothing to Protect Oklahomans from Toxic Swine Waste

Oklahoma has a dangerous and widespread groundwater pollution problem caused by illegal discharges of toxic swine waste from industrial-scale swine Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, or CAFOs...

EWG Investigates: Scott Pruitt’s War on Drinking Water

As EWG documented this week, Scott Pruitt – President-elect Donald Trump's nominee to head the Environmental Protection Agency – stymied efforts to clean up chicken manure fouling a protected river as...

Wisconsin Farm Group Admits to Tainting Drinking Water, Continues Failing Residents

What if your neighbor poured toxic chemicals into your drinking water but only agreed to pay for part of the cleanup? Well, that's exactly what's happening in northeastern Wisconsin.

Manure in the Mist: Hog Hell Permeates Duplin County, N.C.

Thousands of gallons of liquid pig feces are sprayed on the field just eight feet from your kitchen window. Welcome to life alongside a factory farm.

Manure Pits Emit Deadly Pollutants

Manure pits that hold livestock and poultry waste give off foul-smelling toxic air pollutants that can be deadly to farmworkers and local residents, who often are powerless to defend the health of...

Why Is Congress Bending Over Backwards to Protect Polluters?

Days after the United Nations released startling new data showing that agriculture's contribution to climate change is getting worse, the House and Senate Appropriations committees approved spending...

Taking a Stand Against Those Who Pollute Drinking Water

Keeping water clean and safe enough to drink is a tough job, especially when there are forces that sabotage this vital public health goal.

“Climate Smart” Carrots Won’t Cut Farm Pollution Without Sticks

The Obama administration is right to regulate methane from oil and gas wells. But there's no good reason to exempt methane from agriculture – which is the second largest source of methane in the U.S...

Dairy Farm Pollution Fuels Lake Erie’s Toxic Algae

As summer approaches, so do the toxic algal blooms that plague Lake Erie every year, killing fish and making the water too dangerous to swim in.

Right to Farm is a Right to Pollute

Next Tuesday (Aug. 5), Missourians will decide if their state constitution should be amended to enshrine a so-called “Right-to-Farm” provision. The vaguely worded and open-ended amendment states, “the...

Untapped: Farm Bill Conservation Programs Must Do More to Clean Up California's Water

Hundreds of millions of conservation dollars in the federal farm bill should be used more effectively to address widespread water pollution problems in California, concludes a new report by...

Don’t Waste Conservation Dollars on Concentrated Animal Waste!

Raising animals in concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) is bad for public health and the environment.

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