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Ignoring NuScale blunder, Duke Energy set to squander hundreds of millions on non-existent small nuclear technology

Unfazed by the termination of NuScale Power’s multimillion-dollar wasteful Utah small nuclear reactor, or SMR, project in early November, Duke Energy is pushing ahead with a plan to waste potentially...

Latest nuclear power boondoggle barrels toward North Carolina

Lawmakers in North Carolina may soon make the misguided step of designating nuclear power “clean energy,” a change that would encourage Duke Energy’s foolhardy plan to throw away millions or even...

The New Lede

The nonprofit news outlet The New Lede, launched as an EWG project in May 2022, is a recognized and trusted source for in-depth reporting on important environment and human health stories across the U...

Small size, big problems: NuScale’s troublesome small modular nuclear reactor plan

Despite its small size, NuScale has outsize cost and safety problems.

The system works: How a new law could end Big Oil’s gas price gouging in California

At the end of March, California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a law passed by leaders in the state legislature that aims to end Big Oil’s rampant gas price gouging at the pump.

For Californians looking to install solar, time is running out to take advantage of state’s financial incentives

The financial incentives California offers residents and small business owners seeking to install solar panels and batteries will be slashed when new rules take effect in April.

How the White House can make digital assets more energy efficient

Digital assets that rely upon a process known as “proof of work” use a lot of electricity.

Why is EWG talking about cryptocurrency and climate change?

Climate change affects almost every aspect of our life. EWG is talking about cryptocurrency because how the industry generates new cryptocurrency and validates those transactions can significantly...

John Oliver skewers utility monopolies like PG&E and Duke for ratepayer hikes, crushing solar

John Oliver, host of HBO’s “Last Week Tonight,” skewered corrupt monopoly utilities like Pacific Gas & Electric and Duke Energy in Sunday’s episode, showing how they use raw power, weak regulations...

Stifling solar: Duke Energy’s long war against North Carolina clean energy

Duke Energy is asking North Carolina utility regulators to approve a plan that could stifle the growth of renewable solar power in the state while hiking ratepayers’ bills – the latest in the monopoly...

The local environmental disasters that inconvenience bitcoin’s apologists

EWG knew the campaign we’ve joined to confront bitcoin’s serious energy and climate challenges would generate strong reactions from the bitcoin community.

The Netflix of solar: Save more money on your utility bills with novel renewable power

Millions of Americans now have easier access to cheap and renewable solar energy, thanks to community solar, a subscription-based service that makes it simple for electricity customers to use remote...

Using virtual power plants to spur energy equity, grid stability and fight the climate crisis

When a heatwave struck California last August, a private energy service company coordinated the solar arrays, battery storage, and smart appliances and thermostats of 150,000 homes – and helped...

Decarbonizing industries, transportation doesn’t require costly carbon capture

Fighting the climate crisis will require deep reductions in carbon emissions from industries and transportation, but new research and investments show that this goal can be met through novel clean...

Utilities fighting to stymie growth of California rooftop solar power

Major utilities are waging war against ratepayers in California, urging the state’s power regulator to stunt the growth of customer-owner rooftop solar energy, even though equitable solutions to the...

Why America can’t afford an ‘all of the above’ energy policy

It’s a reliable tell: Politicians and pundits who want to sound like boosters of clean, safe, renewable energy, while clinging to dirty, dangerous energy sources like fossil fuels and nuclear power...

Confronting the myth of carbon-free fossil fuels: Why carbon capture is not a climate solution

The world is confronting a climate emergency. Avoiding climate catastrophe requires immediate and dramatic reductions in greenhouse gas emissions that are possible only with a significant investment...

Biomass energy: The dangerous carbon shell game putting forests and climate at risk

To avert the worst impacts of the climate crisis, not only must we drastically cut emissions but we must also remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Oil and gas: An industry in decline

The oil and gas industry, from extraction to transportation to refining, is no longer the profitable and financially stable enterprise it long was. Over the past decade, the industry’s profits have...

Why Small Modular Nuclear Reactors Won’t Help Counter the Climate Crisis

Small modular nuclear reactors, or SMRs, are designed to generate less than 300 megawatts of electricity – several times less than typical reactors, which have a range of 1,000 to 1,600 MW. While the...
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