For Californians looking to install solar, time is running out to take advantage of state’s financial incentives

The financial incentives California offers residents and small business owners seeking to install solar panels and batteries will be slashed when new rules take effect in April. 

In December, the California Public Utilities Commission issued its final decision to roll back the state’s rooftop solar initiatives, known as net metering 2.0, or NEM 2.0. The initiatives are largely responsible for the installation of solar panels on the rooftops of more than 1.5 million homes, schools, churches and small businesses over the past decade.

California’s new rooftop solar program, NEM 3.0, will put the clean energy program’s initiatives financially out of reach for millions of working families.

Under the NEM 2.0, solar customers receive credits from their electric company for the surplus energy they generate and sell back to the grid, which allows budget-conscious households to lower their monthly electricity bills. But those credits will be slashed by 75 percent under the upcoming NEM 3.0 changes.

But there is still time to take advantage of the current savings, which can dramatically defray the costs of installing solar and battery storage.

Residents of California have until April 14 to sign up with a certified solar installer to lock in the generous savings under NEM 2.0 that make the clean, renewable source of electricity affordable to the state’s middle- and working-class families. And those who submit applications with a solar installer ahead of the deadline will lock in the current financial credit rates for 20 years.

We recommend people avoid waiting until the very last minute. The best approach is to choose a rooftop installer by mid-March and schedule the installation by the end of that month. 

The process is easy, and our colleagues at EnergySage can help. 

EnergySage is the leading online marketplace for consumers to learn about and shop for all things solar, including rooftop panel and battery installers in California. EnergySage makes it easy for customers to obtain competing online offers from highly qualified solar installation and financing companies, all free of charge.

To learn how to take advantage of California’s financial incentives available before the April 14 deadline, please click on the following link and get started today: Get connected to the rooftop solar revolution and the climate and financial benefits that come with it.

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