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Areas of Focus

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Interactive map: Tracking food chemical regulation in the U.S.

Thousands of chemicals are allowed for use in food sold in this country. And while most of these are likely safe to eat, some have been linked to serious health harms.

What is food dye?

From popsicles to pistachios and from meat to mac and cheese, synthetic food dyes are everywhere. Their vibrant colors make food appealing and increase our appetite.

It’s time to ban toxic artificial coloring in school food

It’s good news that California will soon consider legislation to ban toxic artificial colors in the food offered in public schools.

Battle in California court shows urgent need to expand, not limit, solar in the state

A legal fight in California could determine whether the state will meet its clean energy and climate goals – or whether power companies’ greed could prevent millions of hardworking residents from...

EWG statement on California appeals court hearing over CPUC's rooftop solar decision

A panel of California appeals court judges heard oral arguments on Wednesday as part of a lawsuit brought by the Center for Biological Diversity, the Protect Our Communities Foundation and...

Ignoring NuScale blunder, Duke Energy set to squander hundreds of millions on non-existent small nuclear technology

Unfazed by the termination of NuScale Power’s multimillion-dollar wasteful Utah small nuclear reactor, or SMR, project in early November, Duke Energy is pushing ahead with a plan to waste potentially...

EWG scores crucial victories with three new California laws to protect your health

In a major win for people aiming to live healthier lives, EWG has helped usher in six new California laws that will reduce exposure to harmful chemicals in food, cosmetics and other products – and...

Latest nuclear power boondoggle barrels toward North Carolina

Lawmakers in North Carolina may soon make the misguided step of designating nuclear power “clean energy,” a change that would encourage Duke Energy’s foolhardy plan to throw away millions or even...

California bill to ban food chemicals is a win for environmental justice

A bill before the California Senate that would ban five food chemicals isn’t just a matter of public health.

The system works: How a new law could end Big Oil’s gas price gouging in California

At the end of March, California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a law passed by leaders in the state legislature that aims to end Big Oil’s rampant gas price gouging at the pump.

Will agriculture be America’s leading source of greenhouse gas emissions?

Agriculture could produce more than a third of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Here’s why: Every other sector of the economy, especially transportation and energy, is expected to reduce...

For Californians looking to install solar, time is running out to take advantage of state’s financial incentives

The financial incentives California offers residents and small business owners seeking to install solar panels and batteries will be slashed when new rules take effect in April.

Major USDA conservation program must change to prioritize climate stewardship

The federal Conservation Stewardship Program, or CSP, spends little of its billions in funding on practices and enhancements that reduce farming’s greenhouse gas emissions. But Congress could reform...

'Forever chemicals' disclosures at heart of California battle championed by public agencies and public health advocates

A broad coalition including EWG and other clean water and public health advocates are banding together to call for new disclosure requirements for manufacturers bringing into California the “forever...

California Assembly passes bill to track and report toxic ‘forever chemicals’ sold, distributed or imported to the state

The California Assembly today advanced Assembly Bill 2247, a measure to collect and report on the products and substances sold in and brought into California that contain the toxic “forever chemicals”...

John Oliver skewers utility monopolies like PG&E and Duke for ratepayer hikes, crushing solar

John Oliver, host of HBO’s “Last Week Tonight,” skewered corrupt monopoly utilities like Pacific Gas & Electric and Duke Energy in Sunday’s episode, showing how they use raw power, weak regulations...

Stifling solar: Duke Energy’s long war against North Carolina clean energy

Duke Energy is asking North Carolina utility regulators to approve a plan that could stifle the growth of renewable solar power in the state while hiking ratepayers’ bills – the latest in the monopoly...

Pesticide peril: Toxic threats to farmworkers and families in Ventura County

A toxic threat is facing many parts of California’s Ventura County, where everyone from farmworkers to families could be at risk from increased exposure to harmful pesticides.

Sacramento’s lead line removals sidestep drinking water safeguards

To reduce lead levels in drinking water, the city of Sacramento has removed thousands of lead pipes and fittings. But it seems to have sidestepped safeguards that would have ensured residents didn’t...

California lead pipeline replacements are welcome but lack vital health safeguards

Water utilities across California are taking the welcome step of replacing lead pipelines, a much-needed effort to get the known neurotoxin out of drinking water. But information obtained by EWG...
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