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Arsenic in baby food: N.Y. attorney general launches probe into four major brands

A new front just opened in the battle over toxic heavy metals in baby foods.

D.C. sues baby food company for misleading parents about its products’ safety

The attorney general of Washington, D.C., has filed a lawsuit against the nation’s second-largest manufacturer of baby food, Beech-Nut, for knowingly making false claims about the presence of heavy...

Cancer-Causing Arsenic Contaminates Tap Water for 70 Million Americans

Drinking water supplies for 70 million Americans in 48 states are contaminated with arsenic at concentrations above the level scientists say increases the risk of cancer, according to nationwide test...

High Rates of Bladder Cancer Linked to Arsenic in Drinking Water

The recent crisis in Flint, Mich., sounded the alarm on the dangers of lead contamination in drinking water. Now there's potentially more bad news for the nation's water supply.

Why Arsenic Might Be in Your Baby Food

Are you among the many parents who fed their baby rice cereal as a first solid food? If so, you may have accidentally exposed your infant to a shocking, hidden ingredient: arsenic.

Congresswoman DeLauro Takes on Arsenic in Rice

Although scientists and government regulators have known about the ever-present threat of arsenic in drinking water, emerging evidence is showing that arsenic, a known human carcinogen, also...

Rate Your Plate Series: Should You Worry About Arsenic in Rice?

EWG scientists have concluded that consumers should shop vigilantly, choosing foods selectively to lower their chances of consuming excessive arsenic. That's why EWG's Food Score flags arsenic as a...

Getting Arsenic out of Your (and Your Kids') Diet

Although scientists and government regulators have long known about the ever-present threat of arsenic in our diet and water, it was unsettling when two major reports came out on the same day (Sept...

Arsenic Found in... Chicken

Did you think you were eating a carcinogen along with your favorite chicken sandwich last week? Probably not, but a new Food and Drug Administration study has found arsenic in chickens treated with 3...

Testing for arsenic in San Fran playgrounds

Community groups in San Francisco are testing the city's playgrounds for deadly arsenic, which can leach off of treated wood play structures onto the skin and clothing of children. The City has plans...

In the news: September 22, 2006

Autism: The continuing debate over whether vaccines play a role in neurodevelopmental disorders is more than academic, with children's health and industry wealth hanging in the balance. British...

Global Polluter Newmont Has Locked Up Most Acreage of Taxpayers' Lands for Its Mining

The international mining giant, Denver-based Newmont Mining Corp., is under fire for dangerously polluting Indonesian communities in violation of US environmental standards. Now, an Environmental...
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