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Trump’s Toxic Wake: 10 Ways the EPA Has Made Life More Hazardous

From the beginning, the Trump administration has aggressively slashed environmental regulations. A New York Times analysis identified 100 environmental protections that have been reversed or are in...

Researchers Link Kids’ Weight Gain to Chemical Exposures

It's not just a poor diet and lack of exercise that can make kids overweight.

Kids Still at Risk From Rocket Fuel Chemical in Food and Water

In 2006, I sent samples of my breast milk and my infant son's urine to researchers investigating a rocket fuel chemical that can permanently harm the developing brains of fetuses and young children.

Junk Rocket Science: How Trump’s EPA Nominee Greenwashed Brain-Damaging Chemical

Before he became President Trump's pick to oversee the nation's chemical safety, Michael Dourson argued for a weak drinking water standard for a rocket fuel chemical that impairs babies' developing...

Rocket Fuel and the Not-So-Safe Drinking Water Act

In a remarkable moment of courtroom candor, an attorney representing the Environmental Protection Agency admitted last week the EPA "blew it" in botched efforts to regulate a hazardous chemical in the...

Good, Bad and Truly Awful: Top Environmental Stories of 2011

People are messy. So is nature. And what people do when nature unleashes its fury often makes things worse. The staff at Environmental Working Group took a look at the major environmental news stories...

EPA (Finally) Regulates Rocket Fuel in Tap Water

Perchlorate, a common ingredient in rocket fuel and a potent thyroid toxin, will be regulated in drinking water, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa P. Jackson announced yesterday (Feb...

Will EPA regulate rocket fuel in drinking water?

Making good on Administrator Lisa Jackson's confirmation promise, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is moving ahead with its deliberations on whether to impose the first national limits on...

Make it personal & political on Earth Day

At EWG, we work to provide useful, science-based information to help you safeguard your family from environmental hazards. We also work to reform federal policy on toxic chemicals so that the earth is...

Rocket Baby: A funny take on a serious matter

It's Friday, folks! So we thought we'd lighten up a little (yes, it's possible). Especially since we came across this video spoof that sends an important message, but made us laugh, too.

Perchlorate -- Let's Get Serious

Sun! Finally! The kid and husband were at a cycling race, so Saber the Wonder Dog and I drove out to the Shenandoah Valley and hit the trail that runs along the waterfalls. Last week's rains were...

On rocket fuel in infant formula

You don't need to be a parent to know that moms and dads have a lot to worry about--anything from their kids' healthy growth and development to the friends they choose and those math homework...

Taking another look at rocket fuel

The state of California, responding to a petition from EWG and other groups, is going to re-evaluate the health effects of perchlorate, the explosive ingredient in rocket fuel and a potent thyroid...

Perchlorate: You might not know how to pronounce it, but it's in you

In an ideal world, rocket fuel would not be in people. But we don't live in the ideal world, and perchlorate, a potent chemical ingredient of rocket fuel, is in all of us. A new EWG analysis of FDA...

Rocket fuel in your drinking water? We got just the man

This post is written by Enviroblogger Alex Formuzis. He is away from his computer today so I've posted it on his behalf.

California rocket fuel standards too weak

California is years behind schedule in setting safety standards for rocket fuel waste in drinking water, and now there's evidence that the proposed standard is too weak to protect pregnant women and...

In the news: October 13, 2006

Multiple articles from recent news.

California's rocket fuel standard four times tougher than feds'

California has proposed an enforceable limit of 6 parts per billion for perchlorate (rocket fuel) in drinking water--four times more stringent than the EPA's waste-site cleanup standard of 24 parts...

Mass. Sets Strong Standard for Rocket Fuel in Drinking Water

Massachusetts has proposed the nation's most protective limits and clean-up standards for the rocket fuel chemical perchlorate in drinking water.

House Threatens Food Safety Standards

No point rewriting Marian Burros' lead from Wednesday's New York Times : "The House is expected to vote Thursday on a bill that would pre-empt all state food safety regulations that are more stringent...
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