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Chemicals in our food may be contributing to weight gain

It’s no secret rates of overweight, obesity and other metabolic diseases are skyrocketing. And food is a big part of the problem, though not in the way you might think. It isn’t just how many calories...

Fiberglass: A new hidden hazard in mattresses

Fiberglass is now being used as a replacement for harmful chemical flame retardants in some mattresses, according to a new study. But it can also pose its own risks.

Advice for Parents: Find Nap Mats Without Flame Retardant Chemicals

When looking for a child care center, parents usually ask about the number of children and the number of adult caretakers in the center, what educational activities are offered, and what's for lunch.

Study: Giving Children Flame-Retardant Free Nap Mats Reduces Harmful Exposures

Children are exposed to brominated and organophosphate flame retardants from nap mats at child care centers, but switching to mats without the chemicals reduces kids' exposures, according to a new...

What to Look for When Buying a Crib Mattress

When Dr. Brandon E. Boor and his colleagues tested 20 new and used crib mattresses purchased in 2011 or earlier, they detected two classes of chemicals associated with endocrine disruption and harm to...

Choosing a Safe Mattress for Your Baby's Crib

During the first few years of their lives, infants can spend most of their time sleeping or crawling in the crib. Choosing children's products that are good for air quality in the baby's room can be a...

San Francisco Moves to Protect Children from Flame Retardant Chemicals

San Francisco could soon become the first U.S. city to prohibit chemical flame retardants in all new upholstered furniture and children's products sold in the city, including online sales.

Flame Retardant Roulette: Swapping One Toxic Compound for Another

For decades, Americans have been needlessly exposed to chemical flame retardants – which have been linked to cancer, hormone disruption and other health effects – all because of a well intentioned but...

U.S. Consumer Watchdog Recommends Ban on Toxic Flame Retardants in Products, Protects Children’s Health

In a major victory for children's environmental health, the Consumer Product Safety Commission voted today to ban an entire class of toxic flame retardant chemicals from consumer goods, including...

Study: Banned Since 2004, Toxic Flame Retardants Persist in U.S. Newborns

Brominated flame retardant chemicals, banned in the U.S. since 2004, still pollute the bodies of newborn American babies, according to a new study from Indiana University scientists.

Study: Flame Retardant Use in Some Products Declining

When EWG and other environmental health advocates began raising alarms about toxic flame retardants in foam-cushioned furniture and other products, people couldn't find out exactly what chemicals were...

You Can Find Hundreds (!) of Couches Without Toxic Flame Retardants

Many companies across the nation have complied with California's 2014 flammability standard that allows furniture manufacturers not to use flame retardant chemicals in polyurethane foam.

Flame Retardants: Why They’re in Our Homes and How To Avoid Them

Americans have been exposed to potentially harmful flame retardant chemicals for decades.

The Pollution in People: Flame Retardants in Gymnasts

A new study bolstered evidence that gymnasts are highly exposed to fire retardant chemicals in landing mats and foam cubes in landing pits used to practice tumbling and vaults.

Scientists, Health Professionals Urge Action to Protect Children from Toxic Chemicals

Today, a distinguished group of 50 scientists, health professionals and advocates called for urgent action to protect children from the harmful effects of toxic chemicals.

Ten Years After California Ban, Big Drop in Fire Retardants in Breast Milk

The science of biomonitoring – measuring the chemical pollution in people – produces a seemingly unbroken stream of horror stories, with study after study reporting a new toxic threat building up in...

Infants' Exposure to Toxic Fire Retardant Linked to Baby Items

Evidence of a chemical linked to cancer and hormone disruption was found in the urine of all babies tested for a new study from Duke University. The sources, researchers say, could be nursery gliders...

You Can Help Get Toxic Fire Retardant Chemicals Out Of Consumer Products

More than 97 percent of Americans – including children and pregnant woman – have harmful fire retardant chemicals in their bodies, according to the most recent biomonitoring study by the Federal...

Toxic Chemicals in Your Child’s Car Seat

Parents do a lot of research before they buy a car seat. They want to know, how does the seat perform in crash tests? What's its safety record? How will it protect my child in case of collision?

There’s Toxic Antimony in Baby Bibs, Clothing, Toys and Games

With all of the chemicals that get put into consumer products, it can be difficult to protect our children from toxic hazards. Knowing what to look for and what kids' products contain harmful...

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