Defense and military communities across the country face exposure every day to the toxic “forever chemicals” known as PFAS. Decades of use of these hemicals by the Department of Defense has contaminated the drinking water, ground water and soil at hundreds of military installations. On-base and off-base communities will likely face the health and cleanup harm for decades.


For decades, the Department of Defense knew firefighting foams with 'forever chemicals' were dangerous but continued their use.

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A PFAS Story: Hope Grosse and Joanne Stanton

Hope Grosse and Joanne Stanton are lifelong residents of the Philadelphia suburbs. In 2014, they learned that their community's drinking water had been contaminated by toxic PFAS chemicals. Now, they are raising awareness of PFAS chemicals around the country and fighting to get them out of our environment.

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Military sites with known or suspected discharges of PFAS

Tell Congress: Stop the PFAS Contamination Crisis

We need your help to protect our environment from toxic PFAS chemicals.

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