Trump and Pruitt’s Ax to EPA Budget Threatens Water, Air, Public Health

WASHINGTON The Trump administration’s proposed 31 percent cut to the budget of the Environmental Protection Agency will cripple the agency’s ability to protect public health and natural resources from toxic pollution, said EWG Senior Vice President of Government Affairs Scott Faber.

Today, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt went before the Senate Appropriations subcommittee with oversight of the EPA to defend the president’s proposal to slash the agency’s budget, which would abolish or severely hobble programs to protect air and water, and clean up toxic chemicals in the environment.

Here is Faber's statement:

The budget for the EPA put forth by President Trump and Administrator Pruitt shows an exceptional disdain for the agency and its mission, as well as the health and well-being of the American people. Nothing good will come from destroying programs that stave off dangerous pollution in our drinking water and air, and shield children from exposures to toxic chemicals, but in this budget, it is clear that is exactly what Mr. Pruitt and the president want.

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