EWG: Trump’s Policies Endanger Drinking Water for Rural Americans

WASHINGTON President Trump’s actions during his first 100 days in office will put the drinking water for millions of rural Americans in jeopardy, noted EWG senior vice president for government affairs, Scott Faber.

Here is Faber’s entire statement:

Many of the rural counties that voted for Trump are more likely to have reported drinking water violations. But since the election, Trump has proposed to gut programs that finance rural drinking water systems and has withdrawn a rule that protects the drinking water of more than one-third of Americans.

As Sen. Debbie Stabenow of Michigan said yesterday, President Trump has been waging a “budgetary assault on rural families” that will make rural drinking water less safe. So it’s no surprise that when Trump hosted farm lobbyists at the White House today, he failed to mention that farm pollution is among the leading sources of drinking water pollution. Far from being the “crystal clear” water Trump promised, rural water supplies and wells are seriously contaminated with pesticides and pathogens.

Ahead of the president’s meeting today with agribusiness lobbyists, Stabenow, the ranking member of the Senate agriculture committee, released a scathing report documenting how the Trump administration has put forth policies that will make life much harder for rural Americans, including farmers.

One of Trump’s first executive orders abolished the Clean Water Rule, putting drinking water sources at risk for roughly 117 million Americans, most of whom live in rural areas. 

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