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EWG-Commissioned Tests Finds Cancer-Causing Asbestos in Talc-based Cosmetics

Earlier this year, EWG reported results of tests that found the notorious carcinogen asbestos in samples of talc-based cosmetics. EWG-commissioned tests by Scientific Analytical Institute found...

EWG’s Guide to a Healthier Thanksgiving

This year the Covid-19 pandemic has many Americans rethinking how they're spending Thanksgiving. EWG took a fresh look at some of the holiday's traditions, and we have these tips to make your...

EWG News Roundup (11/20): Biden Administration Prioritizing Children’s Health, Justice for Black Farmers, EWG’s Thanksgiving Tips and More

EWG News Roundup (11/20): Here's some news you can use going into the weekend.

Thanksgiving’s Superfood Sweet Potatoes – Without the Sugar Splurge

This year many Americans are rethinking how they will celebrate Thanksgiving during the Covid-19 pandemic. Although this holiday will probably look different from any in recent memory, it's still...

With New Laws To Protect Public Health, California Continues Environmental Leadership

In the wake of the Trump administration's rollback of more than 100 federal environmental regulations, California has again showed leadership, with new laws to protect public health. In the past two...

Let’s Talk Turkey: Decoding the Label on Your Bird

Labels on turkeys can be confusing! It's difficult to sort the certifications and claims that are superfluous from the ones that actually mean something. Fortunately, EWG can help you find the facts.

Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes From EWG Staff

Whether you observe Thanksgiving this year with an intimate gathering or a virtual event, your day will still likely center on the traditional holiday meal. And no matter how many people you feed, you...

5 Tips for Safer Cell Phone Use During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Covid-19 has made us all depend more on wireless technology. Whether you're working remotely, attending school online or just staying in touch with family and friends, you're more reliant than ever on...

7 Ways Children Will Be Healthier Under the Biden Administration

The Trump administration's assault on science has been a disaster for children, according to a report in February from the Union of Concerned Scientists. Now the election of Joe Biden and Kamala...

EWG News Roundup (11/13): What a Biden Presidency Means for Food and Toxics, Studies Show PFAS Harm Immune System and More

EWG News Roundup (11/13): Here's some news you can use going into the weekend.

How Can the Biden Administration Fix America’s Broken Food System?

The staggering number of food and farm workers who have died from Covid-19 has laid bare the Trump administration's disastrous policies on food and farm issues.

PFAS Chemicals Harm the Immune System, Decrease Response to Vaccines, New EWG Review Finds

Toxic PFAS chemicals, notorious for contaminating drinking water supplies across the U.S., are harmful to nearly every human organ, and the immune system is particularly vulnerable. PFAS mixtures...

How Will the Biden Administration Tackle ‘Forever Chemicals’?

No candidate for president has ever pledged to make the toxic “forever chemicals” known as PFAS a priority – until now.

BPA Update: Tracking the Canned Food Phaseout

For decades, most canned food manufacturers used can linings made of epoxy resin based on bisphenol A, or BPA, making food the primary route of our exposure to this toxic chemical. A robust body of...

EWG News Roundup (10/30): EPA Extends the Use of Harmful Pesticide, DuPont Still Discharges PFOA and More

EWG News Roundup (10/30): Here's some news you can use going into the weekend.

Why Are DuPont and Chemours Still Discharging the Most Notorious ‘Forever Chemical’?

The Big Bang of the nationwide “forever chemicals” crisis was the revelation in 2001 that PFOA, a toxic compound used to make Teflon, had contaminated the drinking water for 70,000 people near a...

Trump’s Ag Secretary Wants EU To Have Polluted Water, Too

President Donald Trump and his secretary of agriculture have a message for Europeans: We want you to drink polluted water too.

UPDATE: Little Progress from Trump’s EPA on Toxic ‘Forever Chemicals’

It's been 18 months since the Environmental Protection Agency unveiled its plan to address the crisis of the toxic fluorinated chemicals known as PFAS, which a new peer-reviewed study by EWG...
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