Proposed cuts “devastating” to farmers, hungry people

WASHINGTON – The following is the statement of Scott Faber, EWG’s senior vice president for government affairs, on the annual Department of Agriculture spending bill released today by Republican members of the House Committee on Appropriations. 

Republican proposals to cut USDA spending to help farmers reduce greenhouse gas emissions and produce more renewable energy is not only bad for the planet, it’s also devastating for the farmers offering to reduce nitrous oxide and methane emissions. 

Right now, two-thirds of farmers offering to cut emissions are being turned away due to inadequate spending. Today’s proposal will only make it harder for farmers to reduce emissions and make their farms better able to withstand the extreme weather caused by climate change. 

The cold-hearted proposal released today by House Republicans would also dramatically reduce food assistance at a time when too many Americans are struggling with hunger, including children, veterans and seniors. Their proposal does nothing to address the extreme waste and abuse of our farm subsidies, which are flowing to many people who do not live or work or farms and to offshore insurance companies. Instead, the bill guts USDA programs to help more than 20,000 distressed farmers.


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