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The Declaration: Sign it to send a serious, effective message

Monday, March 23, 2009

It's simple, really. It is morally wrong that kids are born pre-polluted with hundreds of toxic chemicals. I know it, you know it. Shouldn't Congress know it?? We think so.

That's why EWG created a simple but powerful way to tell our representatives in the U.S. Congress how we feel. We call it The Declaration - because we are declaring a truth: allowing pre-polluted kids is morally wrong. And we think that with enough signatures (that's where you come in), The Declaration will spur significant change.

Watch the video.

Then sign The Declaration & spread it. When the timing is right and the numbers are high, we'll hand deliver it to Congress, because there is strength in numbers.

Whatever brings you to this issue - your children's health, frustration that the government isn't adequately protecting us, anger that industry seems to continually triumph over human and environmental health - we share a common goal: we don't want our kids to be born pre-polluted any more. Not on our watch.


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