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With scientific insight from EWG experts, we developed the world’s first online database to score tens of thousands of personal care products for human health and safety. Since then, we’ve launched consumer guides that score cleaning products, food and drinking water and give advice on home products, all with the goal of empowering you to live a healthier life in a healthier environment.

Whether you’re interested in learning more about water safety in your zip code or toxic chemicals in your cleaning products, we’ve got you covered.

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Areas of Focus

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EWG’s Guide to Safer Cellphone Use

At least six countries have issued warnings to consumers to reduce cellphone radiation exposures, especially those of children.

EWG's Advice for Avoiding Bug Bites

No bug repellent will work in every situation or against every pest. You should research the diseases carried by mosquitoes and other insects and ticks where you plan to spend time outside, and choose...

EWG's Tips for Avoiding Pesticides

Pesticides are chemicals designed to kill living organisms that are considered pests, including insects, weeds and mold.

Even after washing fruits and vegetables, pesticide residues remain on...

EWG's Dietary Guidelines

The Obama administration's Dietary Guidelines for Americans, released in January 2016, are supposed to represent the best scientific judgments on what people need to do to stay healthy. Instead, the...
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