Bugs begone! EWG’s guide to bug repellent 

If you’re like most people, you want to protect yourself and your family from insect bites – and from harmful chemicals that can harm you and the environment. Our guide to insect repellents helps you avoid toxic chemicals and look for a more environmentally friendly insect repellent instead.  

Explore our guide to learn about: 

- What to look for in a bug repellent 

- How to avoid bug bites 

- How to protect yourself from ticks, Lyme disease and the Zika virus 

- How to decide if treated clothing is safe to use 

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EWG Helps You Pick the Best Bug Repellents

EWG has updated our guide to bug sprays and repellents to protect your family from bug bites, including those from ticks, mosquitoes and other critters.

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