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Americans do not do enough to protect their skin from sun damage and prevent skin cancer. Because we are stronger together, Environmental Working Group, forward-thinking companies and concerned citizens are teaming up to make a difference.

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Canfield UV Camera Photos - Your Sun Damage Wake-Up Call

Images taken with special cameras reveal invisible sun damage

EWG's Sun Safety Campaign is harnessing the advanced technology devised by Canfield Imaging Systems, the leading developer of photographic imaging solutions for the medical and skin care industries, to visualize sun damage and encourage people to form sun-safe habits.

Although UV images cannot predict skin cancer, photos taken by the Canfield VISIA multi-spectral imaging system speak volumes about the consequences of spending unprotected time in the sun. By visualizing skin damage normally invisible to the naked eye, the VISIA system provides a powerful means of educating consumers about their overall skin health.

A typical VISIA imaging session captures key visual information about complexion health and appearance: wrinkles, spots, brown spots, red blotches, texture, pore size, evidence of bacteria in pores, and UV spots characteristic of sun damage. VISIA can compare one person's complexion to others of the same age and skin type.

UV spots

UV spots are accumulations of melanin just below the skin surface as a result of sun damage. They may not be visible under normal light. The VISIA system illuminates them with ultraviolet light.

Canfield Imaging Systems

Canfield Imaging Systems products are used in medical and aesthetic practices, hospitals, skin care centers and medical spas. Product lines include Mirror® imaging software, VISIA® Complexion Analysis, VECTRA® 3D Systems, Reveal® facial imagers, VEOS™ dermatoscopes, IntelliStudio ® photographic studio solutions and numerous specialized imaging systems for clinical photography. Canfield Imaging Systems is a division of Canfield Scientific, Inc., the world's leading provider of custom photographic systems, image monitoring, and centralized analysis services for clinical studies in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmetics industries


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EWG's Sunscreen Database

EWG's Sunscreen Database

Want to see how your favorite sunscreen rates in EWG’s Sunscreen Database? The EWG Sunscreen Database update is coming in late May.



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