Inspector General Launches Probe Into Pruitt's Frequent Trips Home to Oklahoma

WASHINGTON – The Environmental Protection Agency's inspector general is looking into Administrator Scott Pruitt's frequent trips home to Oklahoma – an investigation that could show he's neglecting his duty to protect public health even as he gives polluters free rein, said EWG President Ken Cook.

“Pruitt’s frequent absence from his job would make even the worst high school truant ashamed," said Cook. "Protecting Americans from pollution is a 24/7 job, but clearly you don't have to be in the office when your agenda is to abolish decades of safeguards meant to keep our air and water clean. That can be done from a first class seat on a flight to Tulsa.”

Records obtained by the Environmental Integrity Project show Pruitt was in his home state 43 of the 92 days of March, April and May, as reported by Reuters. The EPA inspector general will examine whether Pruitt may have improperly used tax dollars to finance part of his travel, which many political observers speculate is to help him lay the groundwork for a Senate campaign.

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