EWG: Trump’s EPA Budget Cuts Will Be Disaster for Clean Water, Air

WASHINGTONThe Trump administration’s massive cuts to the budget of the Environmental Protection Agency will cripple the agency’s ability to protect drinking water and air from polluters, and safeguard Americans from exposure to toxic chemicals and pesticides, said Scott Faber, EWG's senior vice president for government affairs.

The following is a statement from Faber:

The assault on human health begins now with President Trump’s plan to slash the EPA's resources, which are vital to protecting Americans’ drinking water and air from pollution. Make no mistake: Every aspect of the EPA’s work to safeguard the public from polluted water, dirty air, toxic pesticides in food and hazardous chemicals in consumer products will suffer as a result of these cuts. The EPA, as well as state and local agencies supported by its grants, won't stand a chance in holding polluters responsible.

Protecting public health is not a partisan issue. Big polluters will welcome the hobbling of the EPA, but no one in either red or blue states voted for dirty water and air, pesticide-contaminated food or toxic consumer products. But that's exactly what President Trump and EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt plan to deliver. Every American should rise up to resist this outrage.

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