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Areas of Focus

Areas of Focus

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What are parabens?

Parabens are a group of chemicals that preserve our personal care products. But their extensive use in these everyday items puts people at repeated risk of exposure.

What is fragrance?

Glance at the label of nearly any personal care or cleaning product, and chances are it’s scented with one “fragrance” chemical or a combination of them.

What are phthalates?

As you start your day, phthalates have joined your morning rituals. Your first dose happens the moment you pull back your plastic shower curtain and then lather up with shampoo and soap. You’re...

What’s in your beach bag? Top-rated sunscreens and skin products this summer

It’s time to shake out your trusty tote from last summer – despite your best efforts, sand found its way into every crevice. And there’s stickiness from sunscreen that made its way onto the fabric...

Something for Father’s Day: 18 gift ideas from EWG VERIFIED®

There’s more to Father’s Day gifts than just power tools, ties and grilling utensils. Why not treat dad to a dedicated skincare routine that will keep him looking fresh and feeling clean?

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month shines spotlight on K-beauty and the clean beauty industry

As part of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we want to spotlight K-beauty products – a broad term referring to cosmetics from Korea.

Pamper Mom for Mother’s Day: 20 gift ideas inspired by EWG VERIFIED®

Get ready to celebrate your mom. This Mother’s Day, pamper her by choosing from an array of healthier skin care products, makeup and fragrances. To help, we’ve compiled a list of gift recommendations...

This Valentine’s Day, give the gift of fragrance – without the danger of toxic chemicals

“Clean” beauty in 2023 is one of the fastest growing categories in the personal care space, so you may want to give – or hope to get – clean fragrance this Valentine’s Day.

Hiding in household products: Study links phthalates to uterine fibroids

A new study finds exposure to the harmful class of chemicals known as phthalates poses particular risks for women. These substances lurk in many household items people use every day, including...

How ‘multitasking’ preservatives might help to make cosmetics safer

The lack of preservation in cosmetics has a notorious history – in just one instance, four women were almost permanently blinded in 1977 because the chemicals failed to keep their mascara clean and...

EWG’s 2022 gift guide

Choosing a gift for someone is challenging enough without the added worry of whether the item you’re buying is full of potentially harmful chemicals.

Personal care product chemicals banned in Europe but still found in U.S.

Toxic chemicals prohibited from personal care products in Europe because of their potential health and environmental harms continue to be used in U.S. hair dyes and other items, a new EWG analysis has...

New study links chemicals in hair straighteners to uterine cancer

Women who often use chemical hair straighteners may be twice as likely to develop uterine cancer as those who never touch the treatments, a new study finds.

This Breast Cancer Awareness Month, reduce your exposure to endocrine disruptors

For almost four decades, the U.S. has recognized October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month to spotlight the disease and funding for research on breast cancer diagnoses, treatments and prevention.

Keep your kids safer in the sun this Fourth of July

This Fourth of July weekend is all about getting out in the sun. Picnics, barbecues and time at the pool are all great excuses to get little ones outside to play and exercise.

Spotlighting women’s health for Women’s Health Month

Women’s relationship to the environment is unique in many ways, with lifestyle choices and habits presenting special challenges, because some of the personal care products they use may contain harmful...

Addressing misinformation on the internet about EWG’s ratings systems

A recent viral social media post about a Bath & Body Works air freshener makes inaccurate and misleading allegations about EWG’s product ratings systems.

Pervasive phthalates: New study links child exposure to cancer

Exposure to phthalates is widespread in the U.S., with more than three in four adults having detectable levels of the chemicals in their urine. And now a new study suggests an association between...

Lose the lilial: European Union ban shows risks of chemical in cosmetics

The European Union’s ban on lilial as an ingredient in cosmetics recently took effect, serving as a timely reminder of the need to end use of the chemical in U.S. personal care products.

Why is cancer-causing benzene widespread in personal care products?

Benzene is a sweet-smelling, petroleum-derived toxic chemical classified by the Environmental Protection Agency as a known human carcinogen – and now it’s being detected in many personal care products...
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