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Areas of Focus

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The good glow: Stay safe with protective sunscreens this summer

Sunscreen helps reduce the risk of sunburns and long-term skin damage, but only one in four products offers adequate protection and does not contain worrisome ingredients, according to an EWG analysis...

Summer check-in: Sun safety tips for kids

Summer is here, and your children are likely excited to play outside for hours. But exposure to bright sunshine brings with it the risk of skin damage, so EWG is offering our top tips for safe...

Steer clear of formaldehyde-releasing hair-smoothing treatments

For more than a decade, the Food and Drug Administration and the cosmetics industry have known that keratin hair-smoothing treatments – commonly called “Brazilian blowout” treatments – release unsafe...

Tips for a healthy and safe Memorial Day holiday weekend

It’s Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial beginning of summer. As you get ready to spread the picnic blankets, fire up the grills and enjoy the warm evenings, EWG has useful tips for helping you and...

Six ways to boost your health this spring

The start of spring means longer days, stronger UV rays, open windows and spring cleaning. Here are a few tips EWG suggests for safely enjoying the season.

Protect Yourself From Bug Bites With an Effective Repellent

Summer is here, which means it's also mosquito and tick season. As all 50 states reopen, more Americans are spending time outdoors and will need protection from bug bites.

Beware Mosquitoes, Even Into Fall

Eight people have died this year from Eastern equine encephalitis, a disease caused by a mosquito-borne virus. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, five to 10 cases of the...

Vector-Borne Diseases on the Rise: Protect Yourself With EWG’s Guide to Bug Repellents

Summer is the season for enjoying the outdoors, but as cases of diseases from mosquitoes, ticks and flea bites continue to rise, Americans must remain vigilant about protecting themselves by using an...

EWG’s Top Three Bug Repellent Recommendations for Kids

It's that time of year: Mosquitoes and ticks are out in full force, and so are all the latest bug repellent products claiming to keep them at bay. So what bug repellent ingredients do EWG scientists...

Mosquito ‘Danger Days’ Rising: Protect Your Family With EWG’s Bug Repellent Guide

Experts predict mosquito and tick bites and subsequent infections will continue to rise as warmer climates expand insect habitats and populations.

Ask EWG: What’s the Best Bug Spray to Buy for My Kids?

Bug spray is easily one of the most confusing products to buy for your kids. There are a lot of ingredients to choose from and a lot of misinformation. Will they work? Are they safe? Knowing which one...
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