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Areas of Focus

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Not so sweet: Study shows artificial sweeteners’ health harms

Whether it’s yogurt, bread, soda or thousands of other widely consumed products, your sweet treat might lead to a not-so-sweet health problem. If the label says “reduced sugar,” it could contain...

Turn over a new leaf: Ditch your salad's harmful chemicals with healthier dressings

Salad is the original health food, full of vitamins and nutrients and ideal for a healthier lifestyle. Just beware of dressings containing chemicals that could do more harm than good.

Chemicals in our food may be contributing to weight gain

It’s no secret rates of overweight, obesity and other metabolic diseases are skyrocketing. And food is a big part of the problem, though not in the way you might think. It isn’t just how many calories...

Federal facilities should offer more plant-based or vegetarian options

Fewer than half of federal facilities surveyed routinely offer a plant-based or vegetarian entree option, and many of those options provide limited nutritional benefits, EWG has found.

Serve up healthy mornings at home with EWG’s top organic cereal choices

Breakfast is, for many people, their most important meal. What you choose to eat first thing can set the tone for the rest of the day. Often we don’t have to time cook a big breakfast, let alone sit...

Plant-centered recipe resources for a healthy lifestyle

As you embark on your journey, here are some plant-rich resources that have either been my go-to choices, or that pique my interest. I’ve woven them in with highlights from our blog series on cooking...

A slice of health problems: Frozen pizza chemicals linked to cancer, DNA and immune harms

Frozen pizza is a favorite of children and adults alike – and for good reason! It’s quick and easy to make, with enough varieties to satisfy almost any dietary preferences or restraints.

Kids and plant-based proteins: Getting your children on board

Over the years, I have worked with many children, in homes and schools. All too often, parents and teachers complain that younger palates are limited to unhealthier choices, and that picky eating is...

What are endocrine disruptors?

Have you heard about the male frog that ended up with female anatomy? It‘s not the setup for a joke. It’s what happened to the frog when it was exposed to atrazine – a herbicide that’s also found in...

Cooking with plants: get your hands dirty with protein

Diving into creative ways to cook all plant foods, rather than just one type, can be an ideal start. But years of teaching people how to cook made me realize: Most people struggle with plant protein...

Getting started on your plant-powered kitchen

I hope you’ve garnered enough information from my alternative protein musings that you want to try doing things a little differently. Reshaping what and how you eat is a process, and it’s the small...

Using EWG Food Scores to navigate plant-based meats and how to swap in plants

Several years ago, EWG asked me to review the beta version of an app being developed to give shoppers valuable intel about their food choices. To say I was eager for this opportunity is an...

Are food and consumer product chemicals contributing to our obesity crisis?

The food industry insists America’s obesity crisis can be chalked up to simple math – people eat too much and exercise too little.

Bee-killing 'neonic' pesticides may also harm children’s health

Commonly referred to as neonics, neonicotinoids are insecticides frequently used as a seed-coating treatment for corn and soybeans and applied to a variety of fruits and vegetables. Their use in the U...

Staying healthy this Fourth of July

Independence Day is almost here, with the potential for fun, sun and fireworks. While preparing for barbecues, beach days and get-togethers with family and friends, keep in mind a few health and...

Plant-centered food lifestyle 101 and how your choices at home can help

Find out where you fall on the plant-centered food lifestyle continuum. Do you eat only plants? Or perhaps you mostly consume meat and dairy and only occasionally plant-based food.

Produce industry picks wrong side by fighting EPA ban of brain-damaging pesticide

The nation’s non-organic fruit and vegetable growers are throwing their weight behind efforts to undo the Environmental Protection Agency’s ban on spraying produce with a pesticide known to harm to...

EWG applauds Senate bill to close food chemical safety loopholes

EWG applauds Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) for today introducing legislation to ensure the safety of food chemicals by closing regulatory loopholes.

California Assembly passes bill to track and report toxic ‘forever chemicals’ sold, distributed or imported to the state

The California Assembly today advanced Assembly Bill 2247, a measure to collect and report on the products and substances sold in and brought into California that contain the toxic “forever chemicals”...
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