Worried About Contaminants in Your Drinking Water? Skip Bottled Water and Opt for a Home Filter.

Since the release of EWG’s National Tap Water Database just over a week ago, this question has been popping up a lot: “What now? Should I switch over to bottled water?”

EWG’s new database has allowed most Americans to finally get a full picture of the different contaminants detected in their drinking water, and how these levels compare to the levels scientists deem safe.

Bottled water may seem like an easy fix to the problem, but this is far from true. In reality, bottled water may simply be filtered tap water, yet it can cost hundreds of times more than water coming from our taps. Check out EWG’s Top 5 Reasons to Choose Filters Over Bottled Water for our full list of reasons to skip bottled water and instead opt for a home water filtration system.  

Also, when you’re ready, be sure to check out EWG’s Water Filter Guide to find the right filter for yourself and your family.

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