Recycling CFLs in Maine... and beyond

thanks to flickr: AZAdam for the photo

Compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs) might save you money, but they contain mercury

Soon the state of Maine will have ample recycling thanks to a new law.  Maine Public Radio reported today that a law that would require any retailer that sells CFLs to take them back for recycling. 

But what if you don't live in Maine?

You'll have to search around to find a place to bring your used bulbs.  Take them to Ikea, Home Depot, or call your municipality or garbage disposal company about where to take them locally. 

Be very careful not to break the bulbs on their way to the recycling center.  Once the bulb is broken, the mercury is released and you'll be stuck going through a complicated clean-up procedure

Mercury is more toxic to growing bodies.

While it's fun to have your kids crush soda cans or break glass bottles at the recycling center, leave the CFL recycling to non-pregnant adults.


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