EWG VERIFIED® aims to be the gold standard in the health and wellness space. As standard bearers, we aim to keep the bar high – to show consumers the products that are the best for health, based on the latest science. We hope one day the market will have transformed enough that every product on store shelves and in homes will meet our rigorous criteria and proudly bear our mark.

Consumers want to rest easy

Adults spend a third of their lives sleeping on a mattress. But most people would be shocked by the lack of mattress regulation and safety standards that consider respiratory and skin health.

The vast majority of mattresses and beds today are made with a variety of petroleum-based chemicals, foam, plastics and controversial flame retardants, such as fiberglass. Most of these compounds have not been evaluated for safety, even though they come into close contact with our skin, eyes and nose for at least seven hours a day for adults, up to 16 hours a day for infants.

EWG VERIFIED is the first mattress certification backed by scientists, engineers and toxicologists and focused on health and product safety, hygiene, ingredient transparency and consumer education. We believe when it comes to our and our families’ health and safety, there should be no shortcuts.

At EWG, we believe mattresses should be:

  • Made with transparency, with all ingredients and materials used publicly disclosed.
  • Made with safer product materials and lower-emitting volatile organic compounds.
  • Prohibited from using harmful chemical flame retardants and fiberglass.
  • Prohibited from using PVCs and PFAS chemicals.

Sleep better knowing your mattress is EWG VERIFIED.

Best of the best:

Find out how the EWG VERIFIED mark can show consumers your brand’s best products. Products bearing the mark:

  • Avoid EWG's ingredients of concern

    Products cannot contain any ingredients on EWG’s list of “unacceptable” ingredients with health, ecotoxicity and/or contamination concerns.

  • Provide full transparency

    Products must meet EWG’s standards for ingredient disclosure on the label, provide full transparency to EWG, including about fragrance ingredients.

  • Are backed by science

    Program standards and criteria are created by EWG’s team of scientists, formulators and toxicologists.

For more than two decades, EWG has provided practical suggestions for protecting consumers from exposure to chemicals in everyday products. Your brand can be a part of helping EWG in its mission to make it easier for consumers everywhere to find safer, healthier products for them and their families.

The EWG VERIFIED mark on a product signals to consumers that a brand has gone above and beyond mandatory standards to disclose more about its materials and manufacturing processes to EWG.