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Growing Organics in the blogosphere

Friday, June 29, 2007

You may have heard a thing or two about a little bill that the House is scheduled to vote on at the end of July. Of $76 billion in subsidies in the current Farm Bill, organic farmers would receive less than one percent (Who is getting all that money? Have a look at the Farm Subsidy Database).

EWG Action Fund has created a petition asking Congress to include fair funding for organics in the Farm Bill. We want them to level the playing field for organic farmers and expand access to safe, healthy organic food. We set the bar high -- we're looking to get 30,000 signatures by July 15th. On July 17th, EWG Action Fund will deliver the petition to Congress to let them know that we want them to vote for organics.

What can you do? For starters, sign the petition. Then, tell your friends -- link it from your Myspace page, send out an email, share it on Facebook, and tell that nice lady you buy lettuce from at the farmer's market. Post about it on your blog -- and while you're at it, post a badge!

This week, EnviroLove goes out to Katrina at Kale for Sale, Caroline at FarmGirl's Adventures, Jennifer at Eco Child's Play, the friendly folks at What's Organic, Diane and her Big Green Purse, Caroline at Culinate, the Blue-Green Marble blogger, Organic Mama, Krista at the cleverly named Livin' la Vida Verde, Marc at Eat Local Challenge, Granny Miller, the author of Stories in America, the Organic Connection blog, and the inimitable Sam Fromartz at both Chews Wise and Gristmill.

Post about the petition on your blog, and next Friday I'll make sure you get some link lovin' from Enviroblog!

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