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Getting started

EWG is proud to support the next generation of environmental champions and advocates with science-backed tools and resources to help them create change on the pressing issues that affect our planet.

Browse EWG’s website to explore environmental health issues that interest you or that you’re already passionate about. (Not sure where to start? Check out the Additional Resources below.)

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  • Find an advisor. Putting together a group of EWG Student Leaders? Make sure to ask an advisor, teacher or parents for help if your school requires one for a club. 
    • If you’re joining EWG+HS on your own or as an independent study, contact your advisor or a parent, if appropriate.
  • Get the goods. Once you’ve contacted us, we’ll share your selected EWG+HS Learning Resources to guide your learning and offer some additional resources and challenges
  • Plan your learning. Whether you’re looking for a weekend activity or your club needs lessons or activities for the school year, our Learning Resources are for you to use as you need.

EWG+HS Learning Resources: let us know which guides you need!

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