City Slickers

How farm subsidy checks end up in big cities

March 1, 1995

City Slickers: Acknowledgements

Environmental Working Group

Environmental Working Group is a nonprofit environmental research organization based in Washington, D.C. The Environmental Working Group is a project of the Tides Foundation, a California Public Benefit Corporation based in San Francisco that provides administrative and program support services to nonprofit programs and projects.

Kenneth A. Cook, President
Richard Wiles, Vice President for Research
Mark B. Childress, Vice President for Policy

Principal Authors Kenneth A. Cook Andrew B. Art

Analysts Christopher Campbell * Frank Schima * Clark Williams


We wish to thank the staff of the Consolidated Farm Service Agency (formerly the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service) at USDA's computer service center in Kansas City for their assistance and for responding so professionally to our data requests. Molly Evans designed and produced City Slickers on paper and the World Wide Web. Thanks to Eileen Gannon for assistance with desktop publishing, and proofreading.

City Slickers was made possible by grants from the Joyce Foundation, the Nathan Cummings Foundation, the Wallace Genetic Foundation, The Ford Foundation, Working Assets Funding Service, and the Apple Computer Corporation.

Environmental Working Group is solely responsible for this report and its content.

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