Trump Plan to Slash EPA Budget Endangers Public Health

WASHINGTON President Trump's plan to slash the budget of the Environmental Protection Agency by almost a third will cripple an already underfunded agency, endangering public health and the quality of Americans' drinking water and air, said EWG President Ken Cook.

Here is Cook’s statement:

We now see that President Trump’s promise of ‘crystal clear, clean water and air’ is just as empty as his file of evidence on wiretapping.

The problem at EPA is not that it has too much power, but that it doesn't have enough resources to do an adequate job of protecting our air, water and irreplaceable natural resources. Trump's budget proposal would effectively cripple the EPA’s ability to do anything on behalf of public health and environmental protection, and leave local and state governments on their own in fighting climate change, water contamination and air pollution from toxic industries.

This is not a philosophical debate about regulations or "deconstructing government," but about our health, our safety and the world we're going to leave to our children. We remind the president once again that no one voted for more children to suffer from asthma, for more people to drink water with cancer-causing chemicals, or for all of us to be exposed to harmful industrial compounds in our everyday consumer products. We must all stand up and fight back before it's too late. 

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