Senate Should Reject Scott Pruitt, Polluters’ Choice for EPA

WASHINGTON Scott Pruitt, if confirmed by the Senate, would be the most hostile Environmental Protection Agency administrator in the history of the agency, and would almost certainly push policies that would imperil public health and the environment, said EWG co-founder and president Ken Cook, urging the Senate to reject his nomination.

“Not a single American voted for dirtier air and drinking water, but if Mr. Pruitt takes the helm at the EPA, that’s what millions of Americans and thousands of communities will face,” said Cook. “Every senator, regardless of party, should reject this nomination on behalf of their constituents’ health. Mr. Pruitt has spent the last few years suing the EPA over policies that have reduced air and water pollution at the behest of the fossil fuel and agribusiness industries, and I have no doubt that if installed at the EPA, he will carry out an agenda that will ultimately put public health at serious risk.”

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