EWG: Pruitt’s $25,000 Sound Proof Phone Booth Raises Serious Concerns

WASHINGTON – The reports today that Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt has spent $25,000 in taxpayer’s money to install a soundproof, secure phone booth in his office is an outrage, but not the most troubling part of the news, noted EWG President Ken Cook.

“While the price tag for Pruitt’s phone booth should outrage every taxpayer, it’s who he’s speaking with and what they’re plotting that should be the most concerning to the American people,” said Cook. “Pruitt is certainly not calling me or my fellow environmentalists to get our thoughts on how he should tackle dirty drinking water, chemical contamination or climate change.”

“Since when was a sound proof phone booth central to EPA doing its business?”  added Cook. “Pruitt is paranoid because he’s working against the EPA, its mission and its career scientists and staff who have dedicated themselves to protecting public health and the environment.”

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