COVID-19 Bill Fails To Protect Workers and Hungry Families

Here is a statement by Scott Faber, senior vice president for the Environmental Working Group, on the $484 billion COVID-19 bill currently under consideration by Congress:

The bill passed Tuesday by the Senate, under consideration by the House on Thursday, falls woefully short of what’s needed to protect food and farm workers or address the needs of families struggling with hunger. Many of the people who feed us are unusually susceptible to the COVID-19 virus sweeping the nation. As more and more become sick, food supply chains could quickly unravel, causing food prices to spike.

Congress missed an opportunity to ensure that food and farm workers have protective gear, free COVID-19 testing, sick pay and hazard pay. Congress also missed an opportunity to increase the standard SNAP benefits to help ensure every family has enough to eat. Legislators must do more to protect our food supply chains and the people who take great personal risks to feed us.

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