EWG: $1B in federal funds to extend Diablo Canyon nuclear plant’s life is misguided

 WASHINGTON – The Biden administration today announced it will give Pacific Gas & Electric more than $1 billion in federal funding to keep the aging Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant in California operating past its scheduled closure date of 2025.

The Department of Energy says the facility is the first to receive some of the funds from the $6 billion Civil Nuclear Credit program, created by last year’s bipartisan infrastructure law. The controversial Diablo Canyon nuclear plant was initially barred from receiving program funds because California fully regulates utility power generation, and the money was meant for states with deregulated energy markets.

The DOE claims the money will help to ensure reliable and affordable electricity, but EWG has long said that clean energy like solar and wind can help fill that role.

Below is a statement by EWG President and California resident Ken Cook:

 This decision by the Biden administration is misguided and sets a dangerous precedent for other regulated energy states and utilities to keep aging, dilapidated nuclear plants operating. A far better use of $1 billion in taxpayer money would be to invest in clean, safe, renewable sources of electricity like solar, wind and storage.


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