Scott Pruitt Just Released His First Year Report Card. EWG Marked It Up and Sent It Back.

Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt just released his list of “accomplishments” as he marks his first year as administrator of the agency.

He lauded his decision to stop the ban of a pesticide the EPA’s own scientists wanted banned because it causes brain damage in children. He bragged about rescinding a rule to protect streams that provide drinking water for 117 million Americans. He patted himself on the back for repealing the Clean Power Plan, which would have prevented an additional 150,000 asthma attacks in kids, as well as his actions to rubber-stamp toxic chemicals without knowing if they’re safe.

EWG marked up the failures, exaggerations and deceptions on Pruitt’s report card. We’d give him an “A” on kowtowing to the interests of polluters. But on protecting public health and the environment? We had some corrections and comments.

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