Healthy Home Tip 4: Pick plastics carefully

Our homes are filled with plastics, and most of us don't really know what they're made of -- or whether they're safe.

Tired of being confused?? Making sense of plastics can be confusing and time-consuming: Can I recycle it? Can I microwave it? Can I drink out of it? And personally, I'm tired of wondering if I'm ditching plastics where it really matters, or not. A person can get a wee tired of it all.

So, rather than despair, throw it all out, or do nothing (all options I've considered), I'm going to follow my EWG colleagues' advice to pick plastics carefully. It's important to me that they rely on solid science and suggest safer choices that are truly do-able when it comes to my family's environmental health.

To simplify our choices, they shared their top plastics advice for this month's Healthy Home Tip. You'll learn how to choose, use and (sometimes) avoid plastics. We discuss:

  • Why you should avoid certain plastics.
  • How to choose and use safer plastics -- where it matters most.
  • When to use safer alternatives.

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PS - If you try to use less plastic to reduce its overall impact on the environment, check out Lisa's posts on buying no plastic for a week.

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