Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes From EWG Staff

Whether you observe Thanksgiving this year with an intimate gathering or a virtual event, your day will still likely center on the traditional holiday meal. And no matter how many people you feed, you’ll want to make sure to provide the absolute best for your guests and yourself – without extra stress!

I asked our staff to provide some of their favorite Thanksgiving recipes to help inspire you in the kitchen. These delicious dishes are healthier than most traditional Thanksgiving offerings and will leave you and your guests asking for seconds.

In addition, you can use EWG’s Food Scores database to find good choices for quick and healthy meals and snacks for the rest of the long weekend. The database lets you search for ratings for more than 80,000 different foods, based on nutrition, ingredients and how much processing went into their production.

We also want to remind you that some fruits and veggies are best bought organic, to avoid heavy pesticide loads. Check out EWG’s Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce™ to find out which produce is OK to buy conventional and when it’s best to buy organic.

We hope you enjoy these recipes, and we’d love to see pictures of your favorites. Share them with us using the hashtag #EWGEats.

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