Subway Will Remove Artificial Ingredients

EWG: ‘Big Win’ for Clean Food

WASHINGTON – Subway’s decision to remove artificial ingredients from its menu by 2017 is an important step toward a cleaner and healthier food system and a big win for Americans who don’t want potentially harmful substances in their food, EWG said today.

EWG President Ken Cook commended the sandwich chain’s announcement that it will sell food free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. Cook said:

EWG commends Subway for giving Americans something they increasingly want: clean food. Within 18 months, all of Subway’s sandwiches, salads and soups will be free of artificial ingredients, including colors, flavors and preservatives. We also commend Subway for taking out artificial transfats, high-fructose corn syrup, and the notorious ‘yoga mat’ chemical ADA (azodicarbonimide) from its food, while also reducing the sodium content.

EWG’s Food Scores rating system was developed in part to guide food and food service companies towards cleaner food, and to increase transparency about what is in our food and how it is produced. We look forward to following Subway’s progress as these policies are put in place.

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