Ohio Passes Nuclear Bailout Bill, Bringing State-Level Nuke Subsidies to $15.5 Billion

WASHINGTON – Ohio legislators today passed a bill giving a $1.1 billion bailout to two nuclear power plants. The bill, which was quickly signed by Republican Gov. Mike DeWine, will slap a five-year surcharge on the electricity bills of all Ohioans, whether or not they are customers of FirstEnergy Solutions, owner of the plants.

Figures compiled by EWG show that the Ohio bailout brings the total of nuclear subsidies approved by five states since 2016 to almost $15.5 billion. According to Utility Dive, the bill would also provide nearly $50 million a year in subsidies to two large coal-burning power plants, and severely cut back Ohio’s commitment to renewable energy.

Here is a statement from EWG President Ken Cook:

Today Ohio has branded itself as a rogue state in the revolution toward clean, safe, renewable energy. Keeping aging nuclear plants running makes no economic sense for utilities or for their customers. Adding insult to injury, legislators will also make Ohioans subsidize two failing coal plants and will gut the state’s renewable energy mandates. The future belongs to renewables, but Ohio lawmakers seem determined to mire the state in an unsustainable past of dirty, dangerous, expensive energy.


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