EWG President Ken Cook Remembers the Life and Work of Sen. Frank Lautenberg

Cook on Lautenberg’s Environmental and Public Health Legacy: “Positively touched the lives of virtually every single American.”

Washington, D.C. – Environmental Working Group President and co-founder Ken Cook issued the following statement on the passing of Sen. Frank R. Lautenberg (D-NJ) whose long and distinguished career protecting the environment and public health “positively touched the lives of virtually every single American.”

“Senator Lautenberg is among a very small group of elected officials whose legacy has positively touched the lives of virtually every single American.  No one breathes in tobacco smoke on airplanes or in federal buildings anymore. The number of drunk drivers on our roads and highways has been dramatically reduced. People now have the right to know what toxic pollutants are being released in their communities. And, because of him, those convicted of domestic abuse can never be allowed to possess a gun.

“Very few members of Congress, if any, can attach themselves to a legacy as impressive as the one Senator Lautenberg has left the country.

I first got to know the senator nearly three decades ago during his first term. I worked with him and his staff closely in 2005 as he offered a landmark plan to protect children from the risks posed by exposures to toxic chemicals. And, each year since he has pushed for similar legislation to do just that. Even under the most daunting political climates on Capitol Hill, Sen. Lautenberg never gave up, working to the very end of his incredible life pursuing that goal of safeguarding American families from the onslaught of toxic substances in the environment.” 

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