Ethanol Blend Ruling Bad for American Consumers and the Environment

WASHINGTON - Statement from Environmental Working Group Vice-President for Government Affairs Scott Faber on today’s DC circuit court rejection of multiple challenges to the Environmental Protection Agency’s allowance of E15 (15% ethanol blend) into the commercial marketplace.

"If gasoline was blended to include 15% ethanol during the current drought, two-thirds or more of the corn crop could be diverted from food and feed to U. S. fuel supplies. That's bad for American consumers, bad for most farmers, and bad for the environment.”

“Today's decision will pave the way for runaway food inflation at a time when Americans are already struggling with rising food prices. Increasing the corn ethanol blend will drive up the cost of feeding animals and cause more engines to fail. And, it will increase emissions of toxic air pollutants and increase pressure to plow up even more grasslands and wetlands. Today's decision should accelerate efforts by policymakers to re-open and reform the corn ethanol mandate."

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