Coca-Cola and Del Monte Caught in Plot to Deceive Moms and Minorities Over Dangers of BPA

WASHINGTON, DC -- Environmental Working Group (EWG) called on its growing list of supporters to demand both Coca-Cola and Del Monte stop the use of Bisphenol A (BPA) in the food and beverage containers of each company’s products. Lobbyists for each of the companies attended last weeks’ closed-door meeting where the food and chemical industries secretly colluded to plot a major public relations and lobbying campaign with the goal of defeating legislative initiatives at the state level to remove the toxic estrogen chemical from items designed for small children.

Environmental Working Group, along with The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and The Washington Post first obtained the internal documents last Friday that exposed industry’s secret plans as it fights to hold onto the estimated $6 billion in yearly profits generated by the production and sale BPA.

“Companies that plot to scare mothers and minorities into consuming more BPA should be called out for their deceitful, unethical practices,” said EWG executive director, Richard Wiles. “Whether it’s Coke, Del Monte or any other company, a toxic chemical like BPA shouldn’t be in the packaging of food and beverages, particularly those marketed toward children.”

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