Editorial Boards Across The Country Say, “Stop the DARK Act”

Monday, March 14, 2016


Editorial boards across the country have been weighing in about the wrong-headed “Deny Americans the Right to Know,” or DARK, Act. Whether they favor GMO labeling or simply reject the notion of blocking the states’ right to pass their own labeling requirements, these editorial boards all see things the way we do: It’s vital to stop the DARK Act from passing in the Senate.

Here’s a sampling of the recent editorials:

Portland Press Herald: Our View: Federal ban on state GMO labeling mandates would cut off key food debate (March 2016)

New York Times: A Bad Effort in Congress to Thwart States on Food Labels (February 2016)

Grand Forks Herald: Campbell's 'Mm Mm Good' GMO-labeling strategy (February 2016)

New York Times: Tell Consumers What They Are Eating (December 2015)

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Give shoppers an informed choice with GMO labels (November 2015)

Bismarck Tribune: Legislation better left at state level (August 2015)

San Antonio Express-News: Big agriculture has a stranglehold on Congress (August 2015)

Cape Cod Times: Support GMO labeling (August 2015)

San Francisco Chronicle: Congress should preserve GMO labeling efforts (July 2015)

Los Angeles Times: Who can label Frankenfood? (July 2015)

The Eugene Register-Guard: Oregon’s debate over GMO labeling has just begun (July 2015)

The Toledo Blade: Genetically modified foods are probably nothing to worry about, but states should be able to set their own labeling rules (July 2015)

The Denver Post: GMO labeling bill is a mixed bag (April 2015)

Seattle Times: Let market demand solve GMO labeling (May 2015)



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