EWG's 2014 Annual Report


All day, every day, EWG helps you live a healthier life in a healthier environment.

Last year was no exception. In 2014 we:

Launched the “EWG’s Food Scores: Rate Your Plate” database to help you eat and shop healthier;

Fought for labeling genetically modified foods;

Celebrated the 10th anniversary of Skin Deep, our most popular database, which scores personal care products based on ingredient safety;

Created a seafood calculator to help you determine which seafood – and how much – is the best choice for you;

Revealed that more than 3,200 elementary schools are located within 1,000 feet of farm fields that could soon be sprayed with Enlist Duo – a chemical cocktail of the probably carcinogenic weed killer glyphosate and 2,4-D, an herbicide linked to Parkinson’s disease;

Petitioned the Environmental Protection Agency not to allow Enlist Duo onto the market;

Applauded California Gov. Jerry Brown for signing a law that requires labeling of upholstered furniture treated with toxic flame retardant chemicals.

We did all of this, and so much more, thanks to help from supporters like you.

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