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October Highlights

NEW INFOGRAPHIC: Do American farmers feed the world? A unique EWG graphic broke down the data, showing that in reality, American farmers produce just four percent of the global food supply. The U.S. does produce a lot of corn and soybeans, but most of it goes to feed livestock and fuel cars - not hungry people in the developing world. Read More

NEW DATABASE: EWG's much anticipated new database - EWG's Food Scores - went live, rating more than 80,000 foodsbased on nutritional value, degree of processing and ingredient concerns. Shoppers can get this information from the searchable online database or from its iPhone and Android apps. Read More

NEW REPORT: "Natural Flavor" was the fourth most common ingredient identified in EWG's Food Scores, but what does this even mean? EWG's "Rate Your Plate" series explored "natural flavors," how they compare to "artificial flavors," and what you need to know. Read More